Country Safeguard Systems: Second Regional Workshop Proceedings - Towards Common Approaches and Better Results

Harmonizing safeguard systems across countries and development partners is a task that demands time and continuity. Developing countries in Asia have made significant advances in the scope and depth of their safeguard systems.

This publication records the proceedings of the Second Regional Workshop on Strengthening Country Safeguard Systems: Towards Common Approaches for Better Results held at ADB headquarters in Manila on 7-9 October 2014.

The workshop had three objectives:

  • Provide an opportunity to reflect on achievements across the region and share innovations in safeguard policies and their implementation in the region and beyond.
  • Improve understanding of client and partner priorities and needs, in order to better target capacity development initiatives.
  • Promote dialogue and sharing of experiences among the participants and identify opportunities for South–South and triangular cooperation and knowledge sharing in environmental assessment, involuntary resettlement, and Indigenous Peoples’ safeguards.

Participants were drawn from 23 developing member countries (DMCs), 8 international development organizations, 2 civil society organizations, the private sector, and ADB. A total of 154 safeguard specialists and other professionals attended, including 62 DMC representatives, 66 ADB staff, and 26 participants from international and other local organizations.